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Infant, Child, Adult, & Special Needs Lessons/ Private lifeguards

       Why not bring swim lessons to your own backyard pool or community pool? If you don't have a pool we have many including indoor pools for the colder months. We provide a certified instructor at your location. Parents may be present and quietly watch the lesson (as long as child is not distracted and is listening to the instructor).  

     Our goal is not only to educate our swimmers and families but to make learning fun. We strive to work with our students to overcome their fear of the water and to become safe and confident swimmers.

    The most important and first skill that all ages will learn is water safety and survival skills. Every student not just infants will learn how to roll over from front to back removing their face from the water by floating on their back, and when old enough getting to the wall to exit the water. Even for swim team that is a skill you must have. Most children when found in pools are lying face down or at the bottom because they didn't know how to remove their face out of the water and rest.

     As each student progresses (if they are walking) they will be taught proper swimming. They will learn how to kick, paddle their arms, and proper breathing techniques. They will also  learn how to dive and other fun swimming skills. Then as they advance, they will perfect each stroke (freestyle/front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke). We realize that every child learns at their own pace and has different comfort levels. Each lesson is customized and designed to fit the needs of the students and the parents.

Having a Pool Party or Event? 

Hire one of our private certified lifeguards as your designated pool watcher. It happens before the blink of an eye, in less than a minute. Be worry free at your event ensuring everyone is kept safe and accounted for.

Ages: 8 weeks - Adults

- your pool

- our indoor heated pool

On average it only takes our students about 12 lessons or less to be floating and swimming independently.

year-round private swim lessons (survival & traditional)

  ​ (Private one-on-one, cheaper than group lessons)


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