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​infant, child, adult, & special Needs swim lessons

8 weeks - Adults

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​​​8 weeks old-4 months (or until being able to roll independently)
At this age the child will be introduced to the water becoming familiarized and comfortable in the water. They will be able to submerge under water while holding their breath and become comfortable floating on their back.

4 months - 1 year (sitting up and rolling over independently)
This age group will learn to enter the water face down and be able to roll over on to their backs into a back float independently.

1 year - 3 years (walking)
Once a child is walking they will learn to swim short distances with their face in the water, paddling and kicking while rolling on to their backs to a back float position to rest then roll back over to swim again. This is a swim-float-swim sequence.

3 years - Adults 
This level depends on the swimmer's current skills evaluation and comfort level with the water. Beginners will become comfortable in the water and begin to focus on the basic fundamentals of swimming while learning proper techniques for breathing, arm and leg motions for freestyle and backstroke, floating, and diving. Once a swimmer has the basics down we will be able to move on to different strokes and skills whether for fun, preparing for a swim team, or triathlons. Did you know that your child can compete on most swim teams by 4 years old? 

(Everyone develops differently. Therefore, the above mentioned is based on the development and needs of each individual swimmer. Some needs may need a doctor's approval before lessons can begin.)