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Cancellations:There are no refunds. You must provide 24hrs notice for a reschedule. Maximum of two reschedules per session (12 weeks). If less than 24hrs is provided or if you are a no show then the result is forfeit of a lesson. (If your child is sick the day before then it's best to go ahead and cancel. If a child has the flu they must stay out of the water for 7 days. If your child has fever, or respiratory issues they should not swim. 

Scheduling/Lessons: To schedule lessons please make sure you have filled out the registration form. This does not guarantee you a spot, however it does put you on the first come list. Once you have been scheduled and lessons are paid for then your spot is reserved. Once you are signed up please follow our Facebook page if  you have it for updates and weather cancellations. Please arrive to your lessons at least 5 min early to prepare and be ready to enter the water at your lesson time. If you are late, it is still your lesson time. Lessons will start right at lesson time. If you have any schedule changes please do so via phone or email as there is no scheduling poolside.

Payments: Lessons are billed in advance monthly to reserve your spot. It is your responsibility to be sure the classes are paid for by the 1st of each month for the current and following month. If late, then there is a $5 late fee. We accept Cash, Checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

Fernandina (Atlantic Rec Center)  is Cash, Check, or Card and must be paid in the office during office hours or over the phone. You must mention the number of sessions you are paying for (however many lessons you have per month). You will then receive a punch card that you must have present your first lesson. 

Swim Audience: Children learn best with one on one instruction. While we like for our families to be poolside to witness the development in skills it can also be a distraction which is why most places have parents sit in a different room. So we ask if you sit poolside to please only watch quietly and not instruct during class time. If a child is too distracted you may be asked to "hide" for the remainder of the current class and future classes. Photos and videos are permitted at any time but for your child and only your child.

Swim Attire: If your child is not capable of removing themselves from the pool when they have to have a bowel movement then they are required to wear a cloth/reusable swim diaper during lessons no matter the age. When your child has a bowel movement in any pool it is not just your child that misses out but every child as the pool then has to be closed for 24hrs and shocked. Your child may wear just a swim diaper if in diapers, or additional swim attire in which you are comfortable with. 

Sunscreen: PLEASE apply sunscreen before you leave your house. Sunscreen needs to be applied a minimum of 15 min before lessons/entering the water to prevent the child from be slippery but most importantly for effectiveness. We recommend a lotion sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Sunscreen is not permitted at the indoor pools.

Food/Drink Day of Swim: We recommend no food or drink other than water 1hr before swim. Please feed your swimmer light foods day of swim avoiding dairy, chunky meats, and chunked fruits. This will help to prevent vomiting and choking. When we swim, we get extra air in our bellies and when the burps come out we do not want our food to come up as well. We can not starve the children and infants will have to have their milk but we try to prevent as much as possible.  (If any, vomiting should never last more than three hours after swim. If so, please consult a medical provider).

Weather: Weather cancellations will be made up or refunded since we cannot control mother nature and it is Florida. We recommend scheduling two extra weeks of lessons as a swim insurance for the 4-7p swimmers in the summer. Swim is always on unless you hear from your instructor. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of the instructor. If you hear THUNDER or see LIGHTNING there is NO SWIM. If you see or hear thunder and lightning you must tell your instructor before they arrive. Please dowload the weatherbug app to help you.  If  your instructor advises it is not safe to swim and you do not agree and have them drive to your location then it is a lesson. There will be a 30min waiting period for each time a lightning strike is seen or thunder is heard. Please visit www.lightningsafety.com for more information if you do not agree but we make no exceptions. FERNANDINA please visit:  fernandina.thormobile7.net/rec/tv/  for pool closure information.

Behavior: We are only responsible for your (one child) at the time of their lesson once the instructor receives them into the water until the time the instructor hands them back to you. Outside of this short window they are your responsibility and Jax Mobile Swim School is not liable. The lesson will only be the instructor and the student in the water. We are not responsible for any other children at any time. Please watch your children closely. Please pick up after your children (candy wrappers in the trash, diapers in the trash, etc.)  Please respect the facilities that we swim at. If your children do not follow the rules of the facility, after warning then they may be asked to leave with non refundable pool fees and lesson fees. NO RUNNING is the most common and it is for their safety. Threats of any sort will not be tolerated towards our instructors or the staff at the facilities we teach at and will forfeit your lesson. We support a loving and positive teaching environment and thank you for your understanding.


(Please read carefully before your first lesson. You must print and sign, or send an email confirming you have read before the first day.)