***Attendance/Cancellations:  All lessons must be paid for the month before by the 20th to reserve your students spot. Classes are paid for monthly and there are NO REFUNDS. Students may only miss ONE class per month, all other missed classes will still be counted as a class.  IF 24hrs notice is provided for the missed class a reschedule is permitted based on availability. If less than 24hrs is provided or if you are a no show then the result is forfeit of a lesson. No classes will rollover (unless class was canceled by your instructor). Make up class must be made up with same month missed.

Payments: Lessons are billed in advance monthly to reserve your spot. It is your responsibility to be sure the classes are paid for before the following month to reserve your spot or the spot will be given to a waiting student. We accept Cash, Checks, PayPal, and Venmo.
Fernandina (Atlantic Rec Center)  Cash, Check, or Card are accepted and must be paid over the phone during office hours. You must mention the number of sessions you are paying for (however many lessons you have per month 4 or 5). Please call 904-310-3350 (only after a time has been assigned) to pay for your classes prior to your first class.‚Äč

Food/Drink Day of Swim:  NO FOOD OR DRINK 2HOURS BEFORE SWIM. No yogurt or hard to digest meats such as hot dog day of swim.  Please feed your swimmer light easy to digest foods day of swim. This will help to prevent vomiting.

Swim Attire: All children 3 and under (even if potty trained) must be in a REUSABLE CLOTH swim diaper (little swimmers are not permitted). When your child has a bowel movement in any pool it is not just your child that misses out but every child and swimmer as the pool then has to be closed for 24hrs. 

Swim Audience: Children learn best with one on one instruction. While we like for our families to be poolside to witness the development in skills it can also be a distraction which is why most places have parents sit in a different room. So we ask if you sit poolside to please only watch quietly and not instruct during class time. If a child is too distracted you may be asked to "hide" for the remainder of the current class and future classes. 

Weather: Weather cancellations are made up based on availability or the lesson rolls over. Swim is always on unless you hear from your instructor. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of the instructor. Safety First! Lessons are canceled if lightning is 6 miles or less away outdoors. If you hear THUNDER or see LIGHTNING there is NO OUTDOOR SWIM. "But I don't see lightning." We didn't create science and science states that lightning creates thunder. So if you hear it, clear it. If you see it, flee it. We listen to the professionals for safety. FERNANDINA please visit:  fernandina.thormobile7.net/rec/tv/  for pool closure information.

Behavior: We are only responsible for your (one child) at the time of their lesson once the instructor receives them into the water until the time the instructor hands them back to you. Outside of this short window they are your responsibility and Jax Mobile Swim School is not liable. The lesson will only be the instructor and the student in the water. NO PARENTS IN THE POOL. We are not responsible for any other children at any time. Please watch your children closely. Please pick up after your children (candy wrappers in the trash, diapers in the trash, etc.)  Please respect the facilities that we swim at. If you or your children do not follow the rules of the facility, after warning then they may be asked to leave with non refundable pool fees and lesson fees. Threats of any sort will not be tolerated towards our instructors or the staff at the facilities we teach at and will forfeit your lesson. We support a loving and positive teaching environment and thank you for your understanding.


Please read carefully. If you filled a registration form out and start lessons with us you agree to these policies.

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